COVID regulations

Who Can Stay in Visitor Accommodation?

We are now taking bookings from April the 12th for those booking for a single household or support bubble. Prior to this date we can still only take bookings for the following exceptions: to provide accommodation for any person, who:

(i) is unable to return to their main residence

(ii) uses that accommodation as their main residence

(iii) needs accommodation while moving house

(iv) needs accommodation to attend a funeral

(v) is isolating themselves from others as required by law

(vi) is an elite athlete, the coach of an elite athlete, or (in the case of an elite athlete who is a child), the parent of an elite athlete, and needs accommodation for the purposes of training or competition,

(vii) to provide accommodation for any person who needs accommodation for the purposes of their work

(viii) to provide accommodation for any child who requires accomodation for the purposes of education.

Wedding guests – we’re so sorry but unfortunately we cannot accommodate you due to the following:.

It is also important to note that although people are allowed to travel for the purpose of a wedding, there is no corresponding ability for people to stay in visitor accommodation for the purpose of attending a wedding.